Planning For a Comfy Cozy Fall

Posted October 07, 2014 in Tips

Last year’s long tough weather has many people feeling a bit apprehensive now that the leaves are turning color and the trees begin to whisper that inevitable chant…winter is coming.

This year, things are different. The need to create beautiful, clean and happy spaces that will inspire us during the long winter months is tugging at us like never before. Holiday planning and activities usually sustain us until the New Year hits when we traditionally begin to think about making changes. This year, no one wants to wait. Reorganizing, redecorating and surrounding ourselves with beautiful spaces is now the new paradigm this fall.


The desire for less junk, less clutter and simpler surrounding is inspiring us to stop settling for quantity over quality as we realize that we need to stop settling for poor craftsmanship. When did it become ok to accept this? How is it that many of us can’t tell the difference anymore between the two?


Or at least it used to be. Saving up for that special piece that will last a lifetime has been forgotten by the industries quick fix solution to instant gratification. As many smaller furniture stores like ours are recognizing that the need for quality is now a growing desire…old ideas are now new again.


Smaller furniture manufacturers have been re emerging with solid wood hand crafted goods, beautifully crafted upholstery and inspiring designs and they are only selling to business like ours who are committed to saying no to mass produced, pretty fall-apart furniture that will satisfy customers instant need for beauty only to have them end up frustrated, disappointed and angry a few months later.


Winter is coming fast and investing in those new pieces now will prepare you for a stress free post-holiday months where you can relax, reflect, and renew your time with family and friends until the last snowflake falls and the rebirth of spring begins.

Carolyn Crew is an interior design consultant with over 25 years of experience is all aspects of design. She received her degree from Drexel University in Design and Merchandising and is available for in-home design consultations at Ebert Furniture Gallery. As a busy mom of a 3-yr old she specializes in creating family friendly spaces and simple clean designs.


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