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Rich History

Our rich history of crafting quality furniture to our customers’ exacting standards began in 1903 when our first product was a bed, bureau and washstand suite made from native oak and sold for $14.50, wholesale. From that very first suite produced, Drexel Heritage has always taken a stylish eye toward helping our customers complete their homes with classic furniture that has a timeless beauty. Because of this, our company has enjoyed an irrefutable reputation for superior design, underscored today by the fact that Drexel Heritage is sold only in the finest furniture stores and design studios in the country.

As early as the 1930s, Drexel Heritage employed dedicated staff designers as one of the first furniture companies to commit full-time resources to style and design. This early designer team created a top-selling collection that was influenced by the demand for reproductions of famous English cabinetmakers and inspired by French designs. Called Touraine, this Louis XV-inspired bedroom and dining room group was widely popular for several decades, is considered to be one of the industry’s first well-known success stories and continues to be highly sought-after by collectors.

Understanding our customers’ fine appreciation for aesthetics and their hunger for design inspiration, we began our home and garden magazine advertising in the 1940s in publications that provided style-savvy editorial coverage with a flair for fashion. Within a few years and into the 1950s, much of that editorial coverage actually featured Drexel Heritage, as we increasingly became known as a leading manufacturer of traditional, transitional and modern furniture.

During this era, we also established our foothold as a quintessential American brand. Wartime commitments resulted in the production of 50,000 government desks and 4,000 bedroom suites that we made for government housing at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. While these numbers are impressive, our proudest contribution was perhaps that of a single desk. A group of employees dedicated their personal time to crafting a custom desk for General Douglas MacArthur. The General’s letter of thanks remains in our archives today.

Featured testimonial

I have just completed my third purchase with Ebert's. I started with a great piece that we use as a hutch for our dining room. Our king bed came next and finally our coach and love seat. Greg is very informative and patient. They have a great selection and it is great to support a local business. Great Quality.


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