Gat Creek


Growing up in West Virginia, I lived in a contemporary home surrounded by tall trees and mountains. My brother and I spent many of our days playing along a small creek that wound through the valley behind our house. Being a year older and four inches taller than my brother, I saw the creek first and quickly proclaimed it mine. My brother protested; I boasted. Giving in to the fatigue created by chasing two boys under the age of five, our parents simply relented, “Okay, it’s Gat’s Creek.” The name stuck and actually appears on maps now. My brother eventually and kindly forgave me. Today, Gat Creek lives in our minds as a home of youth, nature and discovery—the essence of furniture that you will find in the following pages.

I began designing furniture in 1996 after purchasing a small furniture manufacturing company. The company, located in my home state, has built beautiful antique reproductions for over 40 years. Believing that great craftsmanship need not be limited to traditional furniture, I created Gat Creek. While the furniture bears my name, it really comes from the dedicated work of over 175 people that share a passion for woodworking, nature and home.

We build Gat Creek furniture specifically for you. We don’t import, and we don’t run an assembly line. Each piece is hand-made from solid Appalachian Cherry and personally signed by the person who builds it.

Over the past five years we have won a number of design, environmental and workplace safety awards. The award we cherish most is our customers’ trust. We hold home sacred and hope to have the opportunity to share some of our craft with you and your home.

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